My very first trip cross country on a motorcycle. I am on a 650Cs and my husband is on an RT. Here are some things that have been interesting....

1. We are from the Dallas area and stopped over because my husbancd wanted to spend the night in Palo Duro Canyon in Texas. The mosquitos and flies were the worst I have experienced anywhere.

2. We put a bag on my best rest luggage rack on my bike and the strap came loose somehow and almost tore off my back turn signal. My husband will have to repair today before we leave from Colorado Springs.

3. My zumo glass on the front of GPS has shattered. Not a happy camper about that one. !!!

4. A bee flew up my sleeve near Carlton New Mexico and stung me at 75 MPH. Having to pull over very quickly was quite an experience. To top that off, while bent over on the road trying to take my helmet off in pain, another BMW rider whizzed by and didn't even stop or wave.

5. Gas war in Trinidad Colorado. Cheapest was 4.29 to 4.59. If you are traveling through Colorado on I 27, Fill up Pueblo north. Gas was 3.85. Much better.

6. Next stop...Fort Collins, tonight and Speafish rally tomorrow.

Needless to say, I'm not going to buy a lottery ticket.