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Thread: Hot weather riding gear

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    Quote Originally Posted by LANCEORICE View Post
    Currently using an Aerostich Roadcrafter and love the suit - but it is hot.
    And when you open the under-arm vents, there is nothing to prevent a bee or wasp from entering the Aerostich suit and making the remainder of the ride home quite painful.

    Ask me how I know.

    Andy Goldfine! Sew in some mesh in both underarm and back vents. This may be my second Aerostich suit since 1992 (bought my last one in 2004), but face it, the design is getting very dated.

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    Smile Motoport!!!!

    I wear Joe Rocket jacket & pants crap(early versions)...for when it gets "warm" here (lol)....savin' my $$ for complete Motoport stuff.........
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    Thanks to all who replied. I now own the Olympia Bushwacker jacket and Airglide 2 over pants. They seem very nice and are much more comfortable than the Roadcrafter in the warm weather.

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    olympia gear

    I have to confess that I'm merely a novie rider with just 5000 miles under my belt. But, I purchased a pair of ranger 2 pants in the spring and they haven't gotten too hot. the hottest temps I've worn them in have been high 80's - low 90's. I also, don't have fairing, so I have a lot of airflow.

    Now, I'm considering upgrading my jacket to either the olympia ast or voyager, bc they fit the ranger 2 pants. any pros/cons for these jackets? 3/4 vs. regular length?

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