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Thread: F650GS or F800GS ????

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you get those rims sealed so you do not need tubes?

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    [QUOTE=Newstar;346104]I really can't comment on tubes vs. non but I'm wondering how tall you are?

    I am 5'10", but only have an inseam of 30". I have test ridden a R1200GS and the one foot flat on the ground was not a problem for me. Although I am the reference man's average height, I have a longer torso when compared to others. I have never considered the seat height to be an issue, probably since all my prior Beemers it was never a problem. I will definately test ride both before making a decision, but know that I can't be only one out there with this question and wonder what others are thinking. The experience, thoughts, findings of others that makes it so helpful for my thought process.

    Thank you for all your feedback, please keep it coming...
    Keep the rubber side down!!
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