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Thread: Dealing with Loss

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    The title of the thread had me so sad, I didnt even want to open it. My most sincere sorrow for your family and your loss. I have no great words of wisdom, or hope, or words of how to keep it together; I just want to join the collective of good people who all simply care. I wish to communicate that to you.

    You are experiencing the worst nighmare, and all of us here only wish to send our combined power to you and you family to help in any small way, to help you get throough this.

    As I said, I was afraid to read past the preview window, and it took several days to do that. I have one son, who came to us after many years and many trials and sadness and broken hope; my worst nightmare is to lose him.

    Maybe I'll go kiss him one more time, maybe I will appreciate him a bit more; tolerate and love him a alot more because what you have shared. After reading your post, the thoughts and wishes of all out there who have responded to this thread are with you. Maybe we all need to stop and appreciate what we have a bit more.

    And we got you; we got Jeff, his family on our minds, and your daughter in our hearts.


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    Jeff, my friend ...

    This is so incredibly sad.... please know that your friends are with you in spirit. The poem was incredibly touching.

    I hurt for you and your family. Words escape me.
    Sue Rihn #43753

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    Jeff -

    I'm so sorry to hear your tragic news. And I know it must hurt more not to be able to have contact with your daughter right now, but the time will come, hopefully soon, when you can hold her in your arms. I can't begin to imagine what it's like to lose a child or a grandchild - it has to be terrible.

    Your poem is a wonderful tribute - thank you for sharing.

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    Thanks for sharing those beautiful words. We almost lost Brody, our grandson, and know the pain.

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    We are very late starters with children (we are in our 50's and our kids are in college) but we want to share this with you.....

    According to someone much wiser than all of us-

    "life is made up of meetings and partings, that is the way of it".

    That bit of wisdom came from Kermit the frog.

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    So sorry!

    Sorry for your loss!
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    What a devastating loss. Words seem so futile at a time like this yet your poem expresses your feelings beautifully. Your daughter will treasure the card when she can.


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    My condolences to you and your immediate family. When my wife of 27 years died last October, I was amazed at the outpouring of feeling from the BMW community. While here, you're never at a loss for family.
    Ride Safe,
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