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Thread: CO Rockies trip...GSA or R12RT?

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    In Crested Butte, we alway try to eat at the Paradise Bakery, great breakfasts and lunches.

    And consider traveling from Altmont, just south of Crested Butte, up the great paved road to Taylor Lake. Take the gravel to the top of Cottonwood Pass where the pavement starts again, and down to Buena Vista, on your way back to Denver.

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    I ride both here. I'd go for the RT. Better for her, excellent for CO mountain riding.

    If I was by myself, going far, I'd probably opt for the GSADV like I did when going to North Carolina and back last summer. I like its roominess, up high attitude, and knowing any road along the way is fair game. But for a paved road tour of CO with your friend hugging you from behind -- I lean towards the RT.

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    I'll suggest the RT for the comfort of your wife.

    Alone, I'd definitely take the GSA.

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    just got back from there

    I just returned from a trip to Colorado. Drove out from upstate NY (Rochester area), toured Colorado and Wyoming and then drove back home. My wife flew into Denver and then back home. She was with me for 11 days. Round trip was 5650 miles in 19 days, an avg. of just under 300 miles per day. I did a few days between 500 and 600 miles and my 02 K12RSA was just about perfect (with my Corbin seat). I would probably opt for the RT in you situation as it will most certainly be more comfortable for you GF - and if she's not happy, your not happy...............

    We started in Denver, toured Red Rocks, drove south through Poncha Springs; west to Gunnison and Crested Butte; west to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison; north to Paonia and Glenwood Springs; south-east through Aspen and over Independence Pass (the prettiest place I have ever been); north to Steamboat Springs and on up into Wyoming (Yellowstone, Big Horn Mountains) and back to Denver. A tip of a lifetime for me.

    I heavily second using camelbacks. I have one at home and didn't even think of taking it. Should have. It is hot and dry where you are going and you need to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water!!!! Remember, pee pale........................and lots of sunscreen as well.

    Have fun and if I can answer any questions email or pm me.


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    I wish i had this problem,but if was me i wuld take GSA anyway.

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