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Thread: Northwest Angle

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    Northwest Angle

    If you go to the Team Strange HQ web site and post the question about the road condition you will get an answer as that they are Minnesota based and have used the location as a bonus site in the past.

    Additionally, this group has an obscene amount of fun covering a lot of miles anytime they can figure out a reason to ride someplace.

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    The only land route to Northwest Angle is through Canada. Or, you could stay in the USA by taking a boat ride on Lake of the Woods from Minnesota.

    From the Canadian border just north of Warroad to the Nortwest Angle is just over 40 miles. At the border you get on Canadian Hwy 12. Turn north on Hwy 308 to Sprague. Near Moose Lake Provincial Park Hwy 308 turns to gravel. Continue on 308 to Hwy 525 (gravel) to the border at Northwest Angle. Hwy 525 becomes MN Hwy 330 (gravel).

    These gravel roads are maintained fairly regularly. Bulk of the traffic is sportsmen towing their fishing boats. The town of Angle Inlet, on the shores of Lake of the Woods, is peaceful and serene. No shopping malls.

    Last time I was up there, 2 years ago, the US Border Patrol was randomly inspecting vehicles at the Northwest Angle border.

    Be sure to stop at Jim's Corner to report your arrival to Customs.

    When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

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