You guys are gonna love this! Remember my rant about paying $100 dollars for a new battery,well turns out I just wasted $100 on my new battery.Heres why,I installed my new battery in my bike today,buttoned everything up,it started right up, great!Now I go too check all my lights,turn signals,ect.ect.When I went to turn on my motolights they did not work,so I checked all the connections,the switch,ect.Now I pull the relay to see if the pins where corroded or something.Guess what? its fill with water!WTF I said to my self.Now we all know what happened to my old battery;right?Turns out the seal was not so good around the relay,and fill up with water from condensation build up!And drained the battery down so low the clock on the bike did not work.

Now heres why I'm kicking my self in the ass,the charger I use is the battery tender plus,and should have read the paper work more throughly.Turns out if the battery you are charging is lower than 3 volts it will not turn on to charge it. You have to use another battery with 3 volts or more to trick it to come while its connected to dead battery.But I already got rid of the old battery,and bought the new one 'DOH!'

Bought a new relay for 8 bucks at autozone and all is good.So my question is did this happen to anyone else? Please check your relays and make sure they are not filled with water