The BMWMOA Foundation is raffling off a 1972 R75/5 Toaster Tank short frame ! This beautiful and mechanically sound bike has been restored with love by MOA members and friends (primarily BMW MOA Chartered Club #777, the F.O.G. Riders), to pay tribute to the life and passing of MOA Member Garth Eppley. Raffle tickets are available through the BMW MOA Country Store or through your friends that have volunteered to help sell tickets.

The Cause

All who knew him describe Garth Eppley as a force of nature. His excitement for life was contagious, whether he was discovering new music in another country, or finding that hidden road for that perfect riding experience. However, his quest for life was not limited to himself. He also had an inner drive of love for his God, his family, his friends, and the world community. Garth's folks (Bill and Laura) didn't dare buy anything made in China at their house because by age 14, Garth was actively involved in the "Free Tibet" movement. At age 17 Garth announced that when he became rich and famous as an opera star, he would come back to his community and donate money to the music program. This idea of his persisted until his last days. Garth tragically died in small plane crash in April, 2006, at the age of 25. Much more information about Garth, and what he meant to Members of the MOA & Rounder family, is available by searching Garth's name on the online forum archives.

To honor Garth's love for others, Garth's parents decided to offer a music scholarship in Garth's name to their community. Garth's parents, and the MOA Foundation, are hoping with the raffling of this airhead, we can help support Garth's loves-music, motorcycles and other people. Proceeds from the raffle will be divided 50/50 between the BMW MOA Foundation and the Garth Eppley Memorial Scholarship Foundation. Raffle tickets are $25.00 each, and we will sell a maximum of 2,500 tickets. Tickets are on sale through the MOA Country Store, and at the Gillette Rally. Also, look for ticket sales at a rally near you. Raffle to be held during the 2008 MOA National Rally in Gillette.

About the BMW MOA Foundation

The BMW MOA Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to rider education. The BMW MOA Foundation runs ERC courses at the BMW MOA national rallies, Accident Scene Management courses, courses dedicated to re-entry rider safety along with publishing a monthly column in the Owners News that is dedicated to rider education and safety. As the MOA Foundation grows in funding and ability, watch for additional programs that reach out to an even broader range of riders.

The Bike

The Eppley airhead was purchased out of storage from an individual in Nobelsville, Indiana in 2003. New oil/filter, gas, a good battery and cleaning of the points and it started right up. The restoration of this bike has been a labor of love. The /5 has had the tires replaced, the front forks rebuilt, the cylinders removed to replace leaking seals and gaskets. Jim Strickland donated the seals and gaskets for the top end. Randy Boris supplied parts, oil and expertise to rebuild the forks. Jim and Lisa Strickland also donated and installed a rebuilt speedometer for the cause. Various cables have also been replaced. Also assisting in the restoration were Brad and Jennifer Benn, Deb Lower, and Chloe the dog (as quality supervisor).

The final wrenching session saw the F.O.G. Riders replace the rear main engine seal, oil pump 0-ring and pinion shaft seal in the final drive. They also plan to replace the front brake cable, foot peg rubbers, center stand and other small rubber bits and pieces, and give it another good overall polishing. Purists can be assured that this not a garage queen, but a vintage un-restored machine - " a rider" - which anyone would be glad to add to their stable.

Some cool pictures