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Thread: BMW Motorrad Days, Garmisch?

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    BMW Motorrad Days, Garmisch?

    Just wanted to peek in and see if anyone else from the MOA is planning on being here this weekend?

    Am in Munich today, headed there tonight or tomorrow!

    Keep up with me on the road!

    jacqui van ham

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    I sure wish that I could be there! Maybe someday...(sigh)

    Enjoy Garmisch! I visited for a few days in December '87 and it is a charming town. I'd love to see it in the summer.
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    I was there for the Motorrad days last year, but stuck in the US this year.

    And I agree the Alsace region has a plethora of great riders roads, great rhythm and good pavement on deserted roads, what more can you ask for.

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    Nice Vintage parade!

    Hope you did not get too soaked! Watched you go by and ran for cover...
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