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Thread: BMW's Military Motorcycle Purchase Program

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    BMW's Military Motorcycle Purchase Program

    Effective: March 1, 2008 - December 31, 2008

    In appreciation for the commitment and sacrifice of our men and women
    serving in the US armed forces, BMW Motorrad USA is pleased to
    announce a special motorcycle purchase program for all active members
    of the US armed forces, to enable them to purchase the BMW motorcycle
    of their choice for personal use.

    Active members include active duty (including activated Reservists)
    of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard and Coast
    Guard, and those who have recently finished active service (within 6
    months) with a current military identification card. A copy of
    Department of Defense form 214 may be necessary for retired service
    members and those who have recently been discharged from active
    service. If you have questions regarding eligibility, contact your
    local BMW Motorrad Dealer.

    BMW Model Series Allowance
    K-Series $500
    R-Series $400
    G-Series $250
    F-Series $250

    I dunno... Maybe I'm thin skinned but wouldn't you agree this seems a little "chintzy" to be called a purchase program.
    I mean, if you're going to offer something to these guys who are obviously doing time in hell to at least make it substantial.
    On a bad day I could negotiate $500 on a K bike.
    Now... Something like 10% on an 08 would be a nice gift of appreciation for having your ass shot at for 3 tours of duty, no?

    I dunno... seems kinda cheap for an offer from these guys.

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    I agree that it is a bit on the modest side.
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    It's a start.

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    Good idea, even if modest. I'm thinking it's better than what I got back in 76.

    that would be bupkis.

    My kid might want to take advantage of it.

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    more PR than substance, but a nice gesture

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    Quote Originally Posted by 35634 View Post
    more PR than substance, but a nice gesture
    Absolutely... I just think it's a little light.

    I too got nothing when I got out in '81.
    If this were '81 $500 would be nice.

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    Currently I am spending my second fun filled trip to beautiful Taji, Iraq. I thought it was a nice offer. In 2004 there was no incentive. The thing I think BMW should consider is pains me to say this. HD is making a killing over here. There is a dealership right here run by AAFES that stays busy all day, everyday. They offer real bargins to Soldiers. I personally will never be part of the "I am wearing full leathers and no helmet croud" But as a a new rider I could see how they get caught up in GREAT marketing and offers that provide real savings. I hope to take advantage of the deal when I get home. I am between rides right now I still have my Honda but my heart belongs to BMW and the Arkansas Army National Guard.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ARValkguy View Post

    thanks, man. a lot.

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    HD has always been the master of merchandising.

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    Sad...that's what I call it.

    I thought a program better than this already existed, but I guess I was wrong. Our soldiers lay their lives on the line for our country and the best deal they can get is $500 off of a $20,000 motorcycle. Please.

    Thanks to everyone who is serving or has served.

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    Coming from a former member of the armed services that served during Operation Enduring Freedom, I call it an insult.

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    Just curious if anyone knows the financial incentives HD is giving to service members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainR12C View Post
    Just curious if anyone knows the financial incentives HD is giving to service members.
    According to this pamphlet The Motor Company offers "special discounted pricing". It likely varies by model. It's interesting that they offer both "buy overseas, pick up at home" and "buy overseas, pick up overseas" options. There seem to be a lot of fringe benefits as well (no pun intended).
    I can't believe how incredulous I am.

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    European manufacturers give US military stationed in Europe really good deals! For Instance, we are moving to Germany in November. My wife has ordered a loaded US spec 2008 MINI Clubman S for three thousand less than here in the states. It will be ready for delivery when we arrive and they will ship it for free to the states in five years when my tour is up. I have been told I can purchase a US spec GS in Germany for $2,000 less than US MSRP in Germany! So I will be upgrading when I get there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WildBlue View Post
    Coming from a former member of the armed services that served during Operation Enduring Freedom, I call it an insult.
    Just curious what it is you would not consider insulting.

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