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Thread: 25th aniversary of K bikes...

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    25th aniversary of K bikes...

    On the main web page of the BMWMOA there is a .pdf article from the July issue of the ON regarding the 25th aniversary of the K bike.

    Nice article and looking forward to getting my hard copy in the mail,

    but, there are 6 pages posted when the article is only 5 pages long.
    The 6th page is the remaining ad for Aeroscreen.

    Why was that included? It's only an ad page and had nothing to do with the article.
    Part of the ad was on the 5th page but the .pdfs were only posted to give us the preview of the article.

    We don't need to see the ads until we get the hard copy...


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    Quote Originally Posted by cruise_carter View Post
    We don't need to see the ads until we get the hard copy...


    As far as I understand when "printing" or exporting to a PDF from a layout program like QuarkXPress or InDesign if an image touches or crosses the gutter it will be included in the process as a live page. Unless you check the "range" box and print from 1-5 vs. "all".

    In the scheme of things is it really such a big deal or are you just having a bad day?

    Ads also pay the bills.
    Unless of course you wanna donate a little extra.

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