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Thread: Hepco Becker top case on an RS?

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    Hepco Becker top case on an RS?

    anyone had any experience mounting a 30l. Hepco Becker top case on an ('82) R100RS? I've got Hepco Becker pannier frames, but the frame Bob's sold me for the Hepco Becker 30l. classic top case won't clear the RS/RT seat. Before I get into serious modification I thought I'd check here. I've also got an enquiry emailed to Motobins in UK. I can't believe I can't use a top case on an RS. Also, will I be able to open the seat with a stock (Hepco Becker) top case frame? I'd appreciate any input. Ed in Michigan

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    Can't help you on the H-B stuff, but I managed to scare up a Reynolds rack for my '88 RS. I then mounted a 30L Rubbermaid Topcase to it (aka 8 gallon Rubbermaid Actionpacker). The rack set me back $100 (but I've been looking for a Reynolds Rack for my bike for years) and the topcase and mounting hardware cost another $20.

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    info for H & B top case


    Here is some info that might help you out. Since you say you have the H & B rack frames then this should work for you. I have the BMW system so it does not work for me as the mounting points of rack are wider than what I have. Give me your email address so that I can send you a PDF file of the installation instructions that includes pics mounted on the rear metal cowling. THe BMWMOA website only allows 156 kb...the file is 186 kb even compressed. My email is

    Good luck. PS even if it fits as in the pic, I am not so sure the seat can still open! Check with the email address of H & B that is in the post below.

    Email from H&B following my enquiry below:
    Dear Pierre,

    on your existing rack there is no possibilty to fix a topbox or even a new
    rear rack.
    So if you want to mount a topbox you would have to use the complete rack
    650.602 in black or chrome.

    Mit freundlichen Gr???ƒen
    With kind regards

    Stephan Sauer
    Hepco & Becker GmbH
    Tel. +49 (0) 6334 92160
    Fax +49 (0) 6334 921680

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    Quote Originally Posted by waddyp View Post
    I can't believe I can't use a top case on an RS.
    Topcases were not approved by BMW until the 1985 models.
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    I have mixed feelings about top cases. I used to have one on my oilhead, but felt that the handling was poor with the topcase. Generally I like the ease of use, but I have stayed away from them. It makes the bike top heavy and it changes the lines of the bike. As a result I use my luggage rack with bags when I am traveling and I can get a lot more stuff into the luggage than into a top case; plus if I am traveling by myself the load is on the back seat, instead of being further back. Ah, just my $0.02 cents....
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    You will need a H&B rack system

    Look at Motobins part number 69711B or C. You will need to shorten your turn signal mounts, but the top box mount will clear your seat cowl, and will accommodate any H&B top box. The problem with these racks is that the top box rack bolts on top of the pannier mounts with four bolts and complicates getting under the seat, because it needs to pivot away from the cowl, pivoting on the rear two bolts after removing the front bolts. These were originally some mickey mouse wing nuts that are supposed to make access to under the seat easier, but I had to replace them with normal bolts.

    Good Luck

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