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Thread: R100RT Fairing Part Needed...Help

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    R100RT Fairing Part Needed...Help

    I need to replace the linier gasket that trims the fairing between the outer shell and the inner pocket area - both sides - Does anyone know if a gasket substitute is out there anywhere? My Local BMW shop is clueless on this part. thanks

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    Several years ago I bought the gasket that you are talking about. My parts CD lists the part number as 46 63 2 307 190. The length is 640mm according to the parts CD. Does that sound like the right length?
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    R100RT linier gasket

    I'm not sure about the runs up both sides of the inner
    fairing about 18 inches or so...maybe more.

    I'll run that parts # by my BMW shop and see if it helps them
    locate the part.


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    R100RT fairing gasket

    KIOOLT - Thanks for the part #. MY local shop here in Dallas
    was able to look it up, match it to the schematic, and order two of the gaskets. (one for each side) They even thought they had them in stock, but could only find the parts box in the back room.
    But they'll be here in about a week...coming from Ontario.
    Thanks so much.
    MB Dallas Tx

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