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  • Corbin

    25 10.12%
  • Rick Mayer

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  • Russell

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  • I don't need no stinkin' butt protection!

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Thread: Butt Pad, no pad or seat upgrade?? What is your flavour??

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    Seats v/s but pads

    As much as it sounds self-serving, Steve Corbin is right. It's the shape of the saddle more than anything else which seems to be the comfort factor. I've had Airhawks, AirRiders, beads Corbins and Meyer seats. In a recent add, Corbin made the point that cowboys who are in the saddle all day long, do not necessarily use a lot of padding, ventilation or space age materials, but rather firm (but properly shaped) leather. Beads do ward off "Swamp Ass" but can also become uncomfortable. Airhawks work on certain flat saddles. The most comfortable sadle I ever had was a stock R1100RS saddle that was reworked by the good folks at AirRider; (think an Airhawk inside your saddle). they use an air adjustable bladder that you set to your own contours. All that having been said, there is nothing comfortable on a 100 degree day.

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    Thinking about an upgrade to the stock seat on my '01 R1100R. I have friends with other motorcycles that really like this Pro-Pad (see link below). AB (Alligator Bob) is local to me here in Chicago, and I am thinking about getting this done. Anyone else have any experience with Pro-Pad or similar products?

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    I have been trying to grow a tougher ass for quite some time.

    At this point I think the new X Challenge seat is winning, good thing it has a small tank & work is only a 30 mile ride.

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    Sheepskin....for now, on the stock seat. Have not done over 350 miles on it in one shot yet. Got about a 2500 mile ride in a few weeks, that will surely make up my mind. Seems my butt is getting used to the stock seat, but I think I will be getting a Sargent World seat in the next year.
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    Everyone's needs are going to be pretty unique. Some may need a customized seat, another a cushion/cover, some both. Depends on the nature of your discomfort, body type, riding style, etc etc etc. There's no singular answer. Experimentation will be the only way to really determine 'your' solution.
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    Callused Ass

    Thanks for the input. So SCQTT, how does one grow a tougher ass? From hard work or playing my guitar I can grow calluses on my palms and fingers. So using the same logic, if I had the local dominatrix cane me 3x a week I would probably grow calluses on my ass and would not need the pad (or would I?). Course my wife would divorce me and I would experience a dramatic reduction in my holdings. But after the last 6 months, my 401K is looking mighty anemic anyway. Hmmmmmmmm..... What to do, what to do, what to do........

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    Hmmmmmmmm..... What to do, what to do, what to do........
    Stop shaving your bum and pretty soon you won't need an additional Alaskan Wool Pad.

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