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  • Corbin

    25 10.12%
  • Rick Mayer

    23 9.31%
  • Russell

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  • I don't need no stinkin' butt protection!

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Thread: Butt Pad, no pad or seat upgrade?? What is your flavour??

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    Rick gets my vote. I go an easy 360 miles fill up and do it again. It probably helps being 6'4". And the peg lowering kit will help even more I hope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daddyal View Post
    Rick gets my vote. I go an easy 360 miles fill up and do it again. It probably helps being 6'4". And the peg lowering kit will help even more I hope.
    The peg-lowering kit DEFINITELY helped on my bike. I'm the same height, no idea if we're the same inseam, but I find that getting my knees a few inches lower than ny hips really improves lower-back comfort.
    2012 R1200GS

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    Quote Originally Posted by 72598 View Post
    Why no option for:

    Stock seat, got rid of that very uncomfortable piece of crap Corbin>I can now reach ground without rubbing insides of thighs raw, can also use proper riding skills and actually stand on pegs that I could not do with the wide arse Corbin. The stock seat is a lot more comfortable, especially on long trips + also got stock luggage rack and doubled carry capacity.
    I'm guessing you did not get your Corbin "fitted" to your body. Otherwise, you'd be singin' a different tune. I traded my stock for a Corbin and I think I could ride for hours on end without getting up from the seat.

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    Im still confused

    Hi all

    I'm still confused about all this. It seems to me on my (05) GS 12 that I have but 2 choices. Living in Boston I have to send my seat off to either Rick Mayer or Russell. I could have put money on the 2 rated companies that sort out my aching butt region being only a few miles from each other about 8000 mile round trip from where I live.
    So my question to you all is why Russell instead off Rick ? or the other way round what decided it for you all ?


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    My used K100RS came with a Corbin seat which by itself is fairly good but needed a bit more comfort on long rides.

    Dug out the beads (Beadrider set picked up in Trenton) and they have lasted a long time, had to re-coat them with Dapthane this year as original coating was finally wearing off. I like them a lot and also carry a sheepskin to throw on sometimes.

    I mix and match depending on the ride.


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    Other, Bill Mayer

    I had Bill Mayer rebuild my stock '96 RT seat. I got his new Evolution model covered in leather. Immediately noticed a difference. After only 600 miles I'm feeling it breaking in nicely. It's been pretty rainy this spring so the miles are adding slowly. I tried Sargent. While my SO reported the back seat to be an improvement I wasn't quite satisfied with the front. We tried a sheep skin first and found it to be only a little better than stock.

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    Thumbs up Recent Review of Sargent Seats

    Don't take my word for it, though 750+ mile days on my Sargent are nothing to worry over.

    Read the review in the latest issue (August) of RIDER magazine. Informative article, and like it points out, you don't have to sacrifice the seat pan of your OEM mount and wait....wait....wait for your new resting place.

    Give the factory in Jacksonville, FL a call - I got excellent service and delivery time from them.


    PS: If you happen to have a Corbin seat and are happy with it - Great! But I could pound roofing nails in with a Corbin. They originally came into being designing custom (and rather heavy) seats for choppers - all about looks, not comfort, and that attitude still permeates their product line to date.
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    I've had a couple threee Corbin saddles; one heated (mmmmm!) and while I liked them, I was about equally happy w oem saddles on most of the bmw's I've owned (7 in all, airheads, oilheads and K models) The Corbin helped my wife reach the ground easier on her old 65. For me it's a matter of being able to change position; fwd, center, back, crossing one leg then the other over on really boring stretches, up on the pegs. I've "always" had a sheepskin pad for longer trips and found them plenty of help. Plus I mostly like the look of the oem saddles, and w the sheepskin it's kinda retro/classic, doncha think? so there's a little vanity involved too.
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    I'm 1K mi. into my first BMW (96' 1100rt); and thus far pleased w/ combination seat jacks + Alaska Leather sheepskin. Qualified by no significant long rides but commuting. The true test will come in Sept when I head N. from Portland to Canada.

    I am leary of custom saddle d/t combination cost and somewhat mixed reviews. However, I'm keeping my eye on Boneyard, Ebay, etc for used deal.


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    I have 3 beemers... 3 different saddles...
    As needed/when needed, Airhawk (trick is to barely inflate it) w/ a Alaskan Sheepskin.
    Usually, when commuting it's just the Russell.
    Side car has stock saddle. For stock its ok...
    The problem is I don't have a stock ass.

    The Toaster gets the airhawk as well.
    After 35 years that is like riding a 2"x4".

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    Bill Mayer Saddle

    I bought my R1200RT used and it came with a Bill Mayer seat. It's too high for me but it is very very comfortable. I'm going to have them lower it for me and then add a rear saddle for the passenger.

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    Smile Seat Improvements

    I have to agree that we are all individuals and nothing is going to suit everyone.
    My CLC saddle was OK, but was greatly improved after sending it to Ohio where
    Cycle Solutions changed the padding for memory foam and flattened the top.
    I also use a sheepskin pad on top for cooling purposes. P.S. Coffee Guy, my coffee isn't 99% water. It doesn't take near as much water as some people think
    to make coffee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RNowell View Post
    P.S. Coffee Guy, my coffee isn't 99% water. It doesn't take near as much water as some people think
    to make coffee.
    Sooo True!

    I end my pour w/ a scissor.

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    Rick Mayer

    I just received my K75 saddle from Rick Mayer. Absolutely amazing, the difference between this saddle and the stock BMW saddle that I sent him. I asked Rick to help with the sliding forward issue, lack of space between the seat, and pegs and an annoying hot spot issue when riding more then 100 miles at a time in the stock saddle. This saddle was customized to me for very specific concerns; no aftermarket add-on can do this, or have the ability to correct multiple issues. I mailed the saddle in with pictures and a list of complaints and concerns. Rick and Tessa addressed each one of my concerns via email and phone calls and then topped it with a great basket-weave. Thanks Tessa & Rick....

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    Sargent Seat

    I ponyed up for a Sargent seat for the R12RT and I'm very happy with it to date, although I haven't undertaken any rides over 150 miles nonstop since the change. On my old RoadGlide, I used an AirHawk pad, but I felt as though I was floating, with less than great "feel" of the bike. I agree that the stock seats are less than wonderful.

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