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Thread: Summer Arrives Again w/ a Vengence!

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    Summer Arrives Again w/ a Vengence!

    Here in the PNW if it gets above 80f people melt. Being an ex-NYer I've unfortunately acclimated to the region. I promised myself to work around the house today... Well, it's closer to 90 than 70 so... Off I go!!

    Just a "short" jaunt up in elevation to get wind in my face and cool off for a bit.
    The road to Spada. Of which a little "GSing" on the cruiser/hack! WooHoo!

    Wind screen? We don't need no friggin' wind screen!


    Pulled over to pull my earplugs... I was riding slow enough to actually "hear" nature...


    Like this!


    Temp dropped 10 degrees staring at that stream!

    But it was a dry day nonetheless...


    ...and headed back home... :::sigh:::


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    Number 4, the curved road surrounded with the overhanging trees, is especially nice.


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    When I see a stream like that I always want to stop to cast a fly for few minutes. Thanks for the report and some beautiful pics.

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    Nice report and beautiful pictures.

    Do I recognize your bike from the 49er Rally?

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    Cool Recog...

    Quote Originally Posted by SNC1923 View Post
    Nice report and beautiful pictures.

    Do I recognize your bike from the 49er Rally?
    Thanks folks...

    You may recognize it from the previous owner... Dennis lives down in Bodega Bay area so it may have been him.

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