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Thread: Fuel Pump Body Repair or Replacement.

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    Fuel Pump Body Repair or Replacement.

    Due to what I imagine was contaminated fuel while under previous ownership, my fuel pump body has a small hole in it. I have repaired it with JB Weld for the time being, but am concerned about the long-term durabillity the repair submerged in gasoline.

    My welder says no can do.

    I would like to try replacing just the outer shell of the pump. It would appear that the crimps around the top can be un-crimped and my low-mileage good internals put inside another can. My dealer says the can is not available.

    Does anyone know of a supplier for a new can or a source for a failed pump with a good can?

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    I've used the Permatex gas tank repair on my lawn mower and it works...
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    Try a want ad on or bmwmoa. There must be
    hundreds of failed pumps people have stashed in their garages.

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    This may be of interest...

    I would replace rather than repair. That NAPA pump at < $70 looks tempting.
    Having no idea about this replacement because I have never done it. All that can be offered is the link.

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