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    Smile I sure am spoiled..........

    It's been years since I owned an airhead, but I really wanted one I could do my own services on again and I missed those funky old rides. So I started searching last year for a R75/5 Toaster and found out a friend had one for sale and decided to purchase it. Next because the bike was in Ct and I am in Co I had to figure out how I was going to take the time to go and get it. The bike ended up at my son's in Vermont and I planned to picked it up there, visiting family and ride it back. I had double knee replacement surgery end of March so had to plan on when I would feel okay to ride the 2200 miles back. I started back in sunshine only to end the day much sooner then planned in pouring rain. The /5 doesn't have the lighting to make me feel visible enough to play in truck traffic in pouring rain. Not having owned an unfaired bike in years I also didn't enjoy being beaten by the wind and rain. But after two very slow, low mile days, I was able to get in a 600 mile day which could have easily been a 700 mile day had I not had to wait almost two hours to get started because of pouring rain. So I was starting to feel happy with my riding again. A dead battery brought me to a stop in Topeka but thanks to Cheryl and Jeff Blevins, Chuck Hanna, and Steve. I was back on the road next morning after meeting new friends. And I pulled into Loveland Co that evening. The /5 did a great job getting me here, but the R1100s is a much comfier ride, I sure have been spoiled!
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