I happened to be at a local BMW dealer yesterday for routine service and I met a gentleman that rode a long way in from where he lives in Long Island.

He had a pretty new 1200 GS Adventure .. He went on the explain that he owned many bikes, BMW's and non BMW's and that of all his bikes, the 1200 was by far his favorite ride.. except that the reliability in his opinion was less than stellar.

That being said he went on to say in comparison to his Japanese rides, he has never seen the amount of warranty related visits back to the dealer as he has with this bike. First the heated grip went faulty then the right switch gear then the fuel gauge and then the battery was a lemon. In his six months of owning it it just seemed to have problem after problem.

What do you think? Has the reliability factor in these new bikes gone south and has quality control of the product gotten out of hand or is this an isolated instance with this bike. On your new BMW how many times did you have to return to the dealer unnecessarily to take care of small or large warranty issues?