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Thread: Looking for a Parts Washer Recommendation

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    Looking for a Parts Washer Recommendation

    I bought a parts washer at Pep Boys that sucks. Any recommendations of other brands that people are happy with? Price neighborhood? I'd like to stay under $100.


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    I recommend Safety Klean. I have an old one, large enough to do V-8 heads. I run regular Paint thinner, (not laquer) for the fluid, works great. Harbor Freight Tools has some cheap models. I personally didn't like the small one (similar to Pep Boys), so I got a good used one.
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    Most, if not all, of the inexpensive cleaners with pumps are designed (e.g., fire codes, UL, etc.) for water-based solvents, which I think are near worthless. You need real solvent (paint thinner, stoddard, etc.) to effectively clean your greasy parts, not a soap solution. Of course, some folks run solvent in the cheap ones, too, though not condoned by the cleaner manufacturers'.

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    kerosene mixed with some gunk will work well, too!
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    Hand a neighbor kid $10.00 and show him/her how to use an old paint brush with diesel as the solvent. I suppose this suggestion should have some sort of disclaimer...
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