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Thread: FirstGear Kilimanjaro 4.0 jacket - Is it suitable for COLD WEATHER riding???

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    FirstGear Kilimanjaro 4.0 jacket - Is it suitable for COLD WEATHER riding???

    I'm considering purchasing a Kilimanjaro 4.0 jacket for riding in Michigan's COLD riding season....and I'm wondering if it is good enough for "winter days." The FirstGear advertisment says that the jacket good for everything from "HOT riding" to "MONSOON season"....but nothing about the FREEZING COLD weather that we get up here in the north. The liner (inner jacket) seems a little lightweight. Any suggestions from personal experience would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Allen, I have a firstgear 4.0 that i wear all year here in CT and i love it. No problems down to about 35 and then i add an electric vest.

    Gonna move this thread to the gear section where it will get more response for you too.

    Steve Marquardt

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    I purchased the Kilamanjaro 4.0 last September. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba where we have been known to have some cold weather. I wore this jacket with the liner in October with temperatures -5, and in May I drove through a snow storm 60 miles where the snow was freezing on the bike and on my legs. The visor on my helmet was frozen shut. I also had the pants to go with the jacket. I was warm. I find it a little warm in temperatures over 80 degrees. It is a good investment.

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    I started out a few years ago with a K-2 (that a deer got), then moved to the K-4. In winter I would use the jacket with a Gerbings liner, along with the HT overpants and liner. Pretty useful setup.
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    I've got an old one:)

    Kilimanjaro I wear has to be 15 years old now and it must be when they first started making this one model. Its still the "same" jacket and mine is still watertight, except the arms are starting to leak a little. So what, after a 15 year run, I'm happy. I wear a heated vest below 32 degrees and I STILL wear this jacket a lot. I may have to order another one soon! Randy"Polarbear"

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    I use mine for very cold riding, in the 20-degrees F cold. But I can't imagine using it when it's hot.


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    Quote Originally Posted by allanruprecht View Post
    I'm considering purchasing a Kilimanjaro 4.0 jacket for riding in Michigan's COLD riding season....and I'm wondering if it is good enough for "winter days."
    It's good to 30 degrees F with the fleece liner. Below that, you'll want electric if you're going to be out for over an hour.

    And what they said: over 80, the ventilation is in the wrong places.
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    Consider Kilimanjaro "Air"

    I have the Kilimanjaro Air jacket. Though I live in Florida, I lived in Michigan previously and know summers can get pretty hot. The "Air" is well ventilated for temps up to 90F, but the liner will keep you warm down to 50F with a short sleeved shirt under. When temps drop below that just add electric vest or additional layers. The "Air" is being discontinued, but there are plenty still around at very good prices on closeout.
    Basically the same style as the regular Kilimanjaro with more venting.

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    i've got a kili III, and i've ridden in snow for half a day, and sub 40 degrees temps for several days. i supplement it with a gerbings full jacket. without the gerbings, i'm not sure how good it would be.

    also, i ride a nekkid bike, so i get lots of airflow. in the winter, this makes it harder to stay warm.

    this is a good thread - riding year round is a good thing.

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    I agree with Fred. My Kilimanjaro is good up to 80-85 deg., w/o lining at the warmer end of the range. Then I'm in a vented jacket. Below 30-35 deg, I like a heated vest in addition to the lining. With that setup and the faring on the 1200RT, I'm good to ride all day at 20 deg.


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    The Kili is fine but also look at the Olympia AST jacket.Much better armour and you can get it in an eyeball searing yellow-green,so you will really be noticed on those crummy days.

    Get a Warm n Safe or a Gerbing electric liner for those cold days,you won't regret it!


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