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Thread: Tire gauge praise

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    Tire gauge praise

    I want to say I am extremely impressed with the G.H. Meiser Co, maker of the Accu-gauge tire pressure gauges. I received one of their products two years ago as a Christmas present and this last winter found the hose developed a leak at the coupling. After reverting to my older tire gauges and getting frustrated, I found the manufacturer of my Accu-gauge on line. I sent them an email asking if they sold just the hose and they asked which product I had. After a couple of exchanges I was surprised that they sent to me a replacement hose for free.

    I am thrilled with both the gauge and the company. So if you puchase a tire gauge from Aerostich, Brookstone, Cabellas, etc and it is an Accu-gauge, they stand by their product.
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    I have a couple of EZ-Air Tire Gauge Model# EZ02's. I think these are the best gauges I have ever used. The clip on hose makes it very easy to get air into the rear tire on my bike which has a right angle valve stem and is very hard to get at. I have a couple because I bought them on closeout at my local Advance Auto Parts store at $2.50 each.

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