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Thread: Willing Volunteer for the Rally

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    Willing Volunteer for the Rally

    I've sent 3 different e-mails offering to volunteer at the rally to the P.O.Cs for the oil change station and the beer garden (I am an avid home brewer) and have not received a reply yet. I've waited a couple weeks before posting here.

    I plan to be there most days....this will be my first Rally and I plan to camp out. Let me know when/where to show up.

    Brian "Brain" Kissinger

    Brian "Brain" Kissinger
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    Hi Brain,

    Stop down at the Beer Garden and we will put you to work. We have not had many volunteers sign up.

    I replied to your e-mail but your spam catcher might of caught the reply. I just resent your original letter back at you.

    See you there.

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    Please do;

    I volunteer the oil booth every year too and please show up, we'll have room for you to help. I also am a "Chairfolk"
    at the GS Events on the motocross track, so you're invited and I need help. You find me and introduce yourself. Thanks, Randy Owens"Polarbear"

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