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Thread: Removing Tupperware before going to the shop

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    Removing Tupperware before going to the shop

    This may be a totally silly and lame question, but has anyone remove the tupperware from their RT before going to ths shop to help cut down on hourly service cost? I recently sold my R1150RS and traded up for a R1150RT. Taking the side panels off the RS took about 10 mins max, but the RT is much more time consuming (amybe an hour shop time for removal and replacement) so I thought I would just throw the question out there and wait for a blasting about being cheap. I figure an hour of shop time could go twoards more riding gear and/or farkles.


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    Check with the shop first

    I think most shops use a standard rate manual to figure costs. If you want 'X' fixed and the book says 5 hours for repair and replace 'X' then it may not make any difference if you do part of the labor.
    Check with the shop though, it's a good idea but don't do the work if it won't save you any money.

    Just my .02,

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    I for one will not bash you for being cheap. I do all my own work.

    I would call the dealer and ask for the cost of the job, and then the cost for the job if the plastic is already removed. Get the savings up front.

    What are you taking it in for in the first place?
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    Many shops charge less to do tire work if you remove and bring in the tire & wheel yourself as it saves them time which equals money. This seems like a very similar situation. A negotiation would seem to be in order.

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    An experienced Tech can have the RT covers off and on in less than 11 minutes. It's not going to same much removing them yourself.

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    Thanks for the replies, I was kind of thinking that it is already built into the job cost, but just wanted some input for the group.


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