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Thread: R1150R clock mystery malfunction

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    R1150R clock mystery malfunction

    The clock on my 2004 R1150R (10,800 miles) continues to be possessed by demons who elude the pursuit of my local BMW dealer. It intermittently and randomly stops working. The dealer replaced it once, after which it did the same thing. Last time, I put it in the shop where I suppose they wiggled some wires and gave it back to me working but with no idea of the problem. Yesterday, it quit working again after I washed the bike. (This may be a clue.) They insist that it is not a bad ground, as someone here proposed when I last posted about this problem. Shortly after I bought the bike I had the dealer install a factory BMW aux LED taillight. They said it required no wire cutting and could not possibly be the problem. Otherwise, the bike is completely original.

    Does anyone have any suggestions that I could pass along to my dealer's service department? It's a great bike but this is actually driving me to the point of considering trading it on a new one just to have a 100% functional bike. Apparently, with all the mighty BMW Motorrad technical resources at its disposal, the dealer can't fix a !@#$ clock.

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    Check that the harness to the instrument panel is free to move around when the wheel is turned and is not too tight. There are a couple of zip ties that may need to be removed to get it nice and flexible. That won't fix the problem, but it may prevent it from happening after it is fixed.

    My guess is that there is a damaged wire or connector in the wiring harness.

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