About 45 minutes north of the Strip. Lodge at 7,600 ft., peak at 11,000+. Not a lot of twisties on the main road to the lodge, but still fun. Look for "Elvis Lives Rd." Second half of loop back to I95 looked like fun on the map, but was under maintenance when I was there and covered in pea gravel, so I avoided it. 30 degree drop(!) in temp from I95 to lodge, which is nice if you rented a bike in Vegas and discovered that, yes, it can be too hot to ride.

Food at lodge was okay, but service was among the worst I'd had. Slow. Mixed crowd of poseurs and "purists" of both the leather and carbon-fiber variety. Go early and then hit Red Rock on the western edge of town, or vice versa. Camping, cabins, picnic area (usage fee).