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    Question Tank Bag Opinions...

    Hey Guys (and Gals),

    I'm thinking of getting a tank bag soon and I need some opinions. I ride a 2002 R1150R. I'd like a bag that can carry a decent amount of gear but wont break the bank. Suggestions on what to get or even what not to get?


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    LOTS of options here;

    Too many to list! But, you do some shopping and you'll find a large variety of these out there. Spend a lot, spend less too, suite your needs and wallet. I've seen great tankbags under a hundred bucks and some indeed go for near 300$. Shop wise and you'll find plenty of choices. My wife and I just found a very neat one for our KLR650 by "Cargo"at "Cycle Gear" and its very well made, lots of pockets and fairly small for the KLR tank. 50$, thats all. I have a large one on my R100/7 by "Tecknic", I've used for 10+ years and it was 65$ at a BMW shop! I have the latest BMW Tankbag on my R1200GSAdventure for 195$. They are all over the board on prices and options so, go shop. RKA has some with electrics included in the bag design and these are quite expensive, but get some serious electrical hookup options here built in. Happy Trails, Randy"Polarbear"

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    What a nice bike you have!

    Remember that the Roadster has a small-ish fuel tank, so you have to refuel often. You want a bag that is easy to get on and off. You also don't want a bag that scratches the paint. IMHO I would avoid ones with magnetic base or strap on base.

    Some suggestions are:

    Big Mak -- attaches to the fuel filler neck on a hinged plastic thing and flips out of the way for re-fueling. Very convenient. IMO, looks ugly. I used to have one of these on my 2002 R1150R. You can sort of see it in these two pics:

    Bags Connection -- attaches to the fuel filler neck with a special latch thing. Easy on and off. Very convenient. Looks better than Big Mak. I currently have one. You have to buy the quick-release device separately. You can get everything from Twisted Throttle

    I have heard good things about the Marsee Corona tank bags, too, but I do not have any personal experience.


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