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    Smile Moki Dugway

    My wife and I are planning a trip to Arizona and Utah in September, and one of the planned highlights of the trip was to be a descent on the Moki Dugway towards Mexican Hat, Ut. My son did it in a car a number of years ago and said it was nothing short of frightening, and several YouTube pieces, one shot from a big tractor-trailer rig, seem to confirm his impression. I'll be riding a, R1200GS, 2-up, with a lot of gear. I'd be very interested in your observations relative to safety, etc., based upon your personal experience.
    Many thanks, Upsandowns

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    I did it on my K75S (street tires, narrow bars) in the early 90s, and it looked just like these pics:

    It kept me awake, but it wasn't anything near "frightening."
    David Brick
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    I have done it several times in pick up trucks and wouldn't bother me on my bike. Parts of Copper Canyon are much scarier. I might however reconsider if the weather was horrible or in icy conditions. You can always go the other way to Mexican Hat.

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    It is truly a piece of cake, most curves ar black top and the road is wiiiiide... We camped near by at the Valley of the Gods and end up doing it in the middle of the night a few times as it is an awesome road...
    I hope this Blog here helps, map included...

    Make sure you also do Valley of the Gods loop... and going south, right before you hit Moki Dugway, make a L, 4 miles and you will be on Muley Point... the top of the world feeling you will have! Think of us doing the loop... we camped there for a couple of weeks!!!

    Be well... enjoy. (Fuel in Mexican Hat by the way...)

    PS: check out "Gooseneck also...

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    I did it on a K75RT. It's a bit challenging, but if you keep your speed way down you should be fine. There is a pull off on top you can use to see the view and steel your courage.
    Frank G.
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    2004 R1150RT

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    its a fun and not hard dirt road in either directoin.. if very rainy might not be fun only because of the rain... the curves are mostly paved... very worth the views from the top....

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    Quote Originally Posted by OUTBACKUFO View Post
    . the curves are mostly paved... very worth the views from the top....
    We rode down it two-up on the K1200LT a couple of years ago. I don't remember any pavement in the curves or anywhere else, but it's not a big deal of a ride. It's on a par with slow-speeding around a parking lot. With a 10% slope. The only scary part we had was meeting a dually pickup pulling a double axle trailer as we were approaching a hairpin; and he was using ALL the road plus some of the apex.
    Motor On '/,

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    I did it two-up on an RT with very little riding experience. Not a big deal—just keep it slow and keep your wits about you. It's a heavily traveled motorcycle road.

    Paved curve:

    Have a great time. Bring hydration systems!

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