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Thread: GS-911: useless or useful on the road?

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    GS-911: useless or useful on the road?

    In another thread, it was suggested that a someone buy a GS-911 code reader to carry with him. Here's a link to the GS-911:

    I like knowing what's going on in my bike, but really, if problems warrant generating codes designed to be read by a technician's computer, what's the likelihood of making a repair of those kinds of problems without also carrying sophisticated tools and equipment?

    Is a GS-911 really useful? In other words, how is knowing your BMW suffers from a technical defect that requires repairs you cannot perform? I suppose it might help avoid being ripped off by an unscrupulous garage along the road.

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    I don't know,but;

    Have heard the unit provides the rider with some ability to override the code and get the bike rolling again. Some fault codes stop the bike from running, so a device may well be required(or a great idea) to carry along when traveling far from home and dealers. I have the new GSA and have wondered too! The code breakers are expensive little boxes, but probably a good idea and work via your cell phone or laptop, which most are not likely to carry. I would like to see a demo on this and maybe at the rally in Gillette, someone can do this for us to see. At 12000 miles now on my '07 GSA, I've had no issues. I think if I do, I will do a battery disconnect and see if it erases the fault code, to get me going again. This is speculation on my part, but worth a try, vs towing the bike. Randy"Polarbear". PS; You know this same high tech is available in nearly all autos nowadays and little trouble comes to most autos, so its not a likely event for most BMW m/c's either, imo. Hold my breathe!

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