Anyone know what difference there is between a R100T and a R100RT? Is it just the fairing?

I've lusted after a late model R100RT for a while, but my (R100T) bike was a pretty good deal so I have it. Great to join the airhead gang.

I've got a Windjammer fairing from the PO, that seems heavy and looks heavy. I found a pretty good deal on a used RT fairing and frame/mounts but there is no doubt more to a conversion than that. I'm thinking lots of wiring (yikes)...

As far as I can tell though, the diff seems to be fairing and badges (maybe rear brakes--mine is drum). I have dual front Brembos, Bing 40mm, flat/ram-air type snorkel air box, seat w/ cowling.

Maybe better off enjoying this until I find a straight early 90's RT??