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Thread: Riders to National rally from Northern NE?

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    Question Riders to National rally from Northern NE?

    I am looking to join up with anyone or group from Northern NE to the National ralley. I live in the Burlington, VT area. Right now I'll be riding solo thus very flexable for a schedule.

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    Arrow what did you have in mind?


    as it turns out, I might also be going to the rally this year. I am in Massachusetts, right near Boston, but could meet up with you somewhere.

    I am a laid back (ie not fast) rider, I'm into camping and frugality. I've never done a major motorcycle trip like this. Let me know what you had in mind for routes and the trip.

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    Re Nebraska

    Just wanted to shoot another idea at ya as you are coming though Nebraska, you could hop up to the Black Hills BMW Stampede set for July 9-11. You can check us out at Hope to see you there!

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    i may head out from NY...i live upstate around ulster far, the plan is to bust out to the rockies then slow down a bit...maybe avg 500-700 miles per day to get to wyoming...i was thinking about leaving around the 5th...maybe hit the top of rockies rally too...its a good one...i'll camp most of the way...maybe grab a room after a longer day or bad weather...i ride a 02 R1150R...anyone interested in joining me...send me an email at:
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