I couldn't think of any other "Title" for this thread..Sorry.
My question for someone who is a 'digital' pro and used to be a 'film' pro.

I've been really enjoying my new digital SLR but something is annoying me. The digital images do not match the pictures I always took with my film SLR and other cameras that I could manually adjust the settings.

Let see if I can explain: If I set my film camera ASA setting to, say 800 and use 800 ASA film, I can get rather well exposed pictures in low light with close to normal settings, ie. 125th sec at say 4.0..That's just an example. Now if I set the digital at those same settings I get total BLACKNESS..or at least really dark. They just are not similar in product per settings parameters as the film cameras.
Can someone explain that?
I am using a zoom lens, and now, in addition to remembering the focal length of the lens being HALF what a film camera is, I must readjust all my learned approximates, as far as estimated workable settings go.

I know, I know...I'm being way too anal. I should just shut up and learn the language. But some discussion on this phenomenon would be helpful.