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Thread: I can't attend '08; where is the '09 Rally please??

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocketman View Post
    Oh, I didn't mean to imply I liked it, I was bringing it for Dave!


    (I'm more of a black and tan type)

    Oh, ok - right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GregFeeler View Post
    Oh, ok - right.
    Don't tell me Dave doesn't drink it either! Why that's down right un-American! Ha Ha!


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    Quote Originally Posted by HankPfister View Post
    DANG, Greg, you just cancelled my Alaska trip for next summer, and possibly postponed my retirement for a year. But maybe thats a good thing! I don't think I'd miss a rally in that area, and that close to home.
    Hey Ken Osborne, lets get together soon and ride over there and check it out!
    Greg, I'll see you in Gillette, and see what I can do to help next year.
    Sounds like I might Have to have a COMPANION RALLY ! My cabin is only 45min away on some awsome twisty roads. I might camp at the rally one night and stay at my place the rest of the time.

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