I've got a planned run during my vacation heading south from McCall, Idaho on Hwy 55.

You can take hwy 55 south to Boise and then take Hwy 21 going north out of Boise to Lowman which looks fine.

The question is there is a road part way down off of 55 near the town of Banks cutting east passing through Garden Valley directly to Lowman. Looks like it could save a lot of time, however depending on which map you use, the road seems to turn to dirt part of the way. Anyone ridden that road or know the area? Has it been paved?

Probably no big deal on a GS, however on the RT I prefer smooth surface when I can get it.

Depending on time, Hwy 21 out of Boise to Stanley looks pretty good, so attempting a shortcut might cause us to miss out on some great roads. The route that day is McCall to Ketchum by way of Lowman and Stanley. Not sure how long it will take overall.

Thanks in advance for the good advice.