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Thread: Anyone can describe Hwy 2, through South Dakota and Montana

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    2 is nice riding:)

    Came all the way across from the Great Lakes on 2 and found it really good. Wind blows everywhere, all the way down to Mexico. Grasslands are quite beautiful way up there in Montana and the Dakota's. Indian Lands in Montana crossing Hwy 2 , so beware of high speeding on the bike. They will get you. This is true for all Reservation lands I've ridden through everywhere. Coming into Glacier NP from the East on this highway is exceptional. Randy

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    I can get a better picture now.

    have not decided where to cross in Canada yet. Have to evaluate all your coments
    wind, high price gas in Canada...etc. may be just hop on and depending on where the wind blows ( just a saying in this case) and there we go.

    Yes this is the article I was refering to.

    We meet with friends somewhere East of Vancouver, probably halfway between Vancouver and Calgary, head North on 93 then 16 to Prince George and Prince Rupert, take the Inland Passage by ferry to the northern harbor in Vancouver Island, called Port Hardy. Explore the Island, cross over to Vancouver.
    From here on my husband and I alone again. Heading East now and try some sections if possible of the old railroad beds. Eventualy connecting to main roads and ending somehow in Minnesota again. No fixed route on the return, just direction. Only fixed is the ferry from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy. Total time we have aprox 3.5 weeks.

    Will take pictures and share when back.
    Thank you girls and guys your input has been very helpfull to us!

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    Have ridden all over B.C., including the ferry ride etc. Watch for wildlife all over B.C., especially at night. You can expect rain between Prince George & Prince Rupert at any time as you will riding through the coastal mountain ranges. Vancouver Island is spectacular, a bit of heaven on earth, expect tourist prices in the summer tho. Don't know if your friends know about Victoria, if time permits count on spending 3-4 days exploring; great museums, dining,galleries, street performers, high tea etc. The only down side to this great city is that with the mildest climate in all of Canada there is an overabundance of panhandlers(ugh), just ignore them. Hope you enjoy your time in Canada eh?

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