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Thread: Tire replacement at Rally

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    Tire replacement at Rally

    Have we heard if someone will supply tires at the rally? And if so what brands and should we make reservations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by beemeroil View Post
    Have we heard if someone will supply tires at the rally? And if so what brands and should we make reservations?
    I'm told Sturgis BMW will be installing for Metzeler. They're still not on the list, but as far as I know, they'll be there.
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    Make good plans;

    Because every rally I've been too, the tires sell quickly and the tire vendors do not usually bring enough! Its been regular occurance and they usually always have to ship more into the rally site. My experince anyhow at many rallies. You would do well, if you know how to take your wheels from the bike and give them to the vendors, because it simplifies the process emmensely for the vendor. I did it this way and got very quick service at a national rally. Saves you some dollars too. Also, Karol says there is a very large(it seems) bike dealer in Gillette(non BMW dealer), but sells everything else and they may have a service to explore, regarding anything, including tires. We ride more than BMW's and I asked a few days ago, the same kind of question. I think the "in town" guys should know we are coming, if not already told. I want to support all the "vendors first", as they are doing us a great service on the rally site, BUT if they are not up to speed and are overwhelmed, plan "B", in town...7000+ riders can have an effect and products sell in mass quantities, quite often at these affairs. Randy"Polarbear"

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    Tires at Rally

    If you think you are going to need tires pre-order and pay for them from a nearby dealer. That way you will have what you need when you need it.

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    If you really need tires, why not get them before you leave? You'll have much better things to do with your time. Scottsdale to Gillette is what, 1,100 miles? I'd change them at home, but that's just me. Some of the tire changing services at the rally can be a bot of a schmozzle, given the volume etc.
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