Starting Friday my friend Paul joined Garrett and I on a 2 day trip to northern Wisconsin and back.

The plan was for Paul to meet me at the Burger King in Westfield guessed it....Friday the 13th.

After filling up the Roadster with premium Garrett and I were colling our jets eating Pop Tarts (good road food) and drinking Powerade when in the distance we could hear the staccato "blapp-blapp" of Paul's V-Strom Leo Vince pipes decelerating down the exit ramp.

A few minutes later we set off.

I could write on and on about the great places we ate at like Herb's rafting resort south of White Lake, Wisconsin.

I could write on and on and bore you to tears about how twisty Wisconsin HWY 47 is through the Menominee reservation....or how we didn't have any close calls with wildlife....except for that one wild turkey outside Wautome.

Instead, I made this little video of some of the things we saw and did and put them to music. This is my first effort at using Windows Movie Maker so if it's a little sloppy.....screw you!