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Thread: Helmet advice please!

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    Helmet advice please!

    Today my helmet dopped and went rolling across the concrete floor and broke off the vent covers and now the visor will not go all the way up. I was thinking of getting a new one anyway. I have a full face with little speakers I put in it to listen to my Ipod. I was thinking of a flip up but I need to be able to eother add the speakers to it or have them already installed. I am am worried about a flip up because of noise and less protection. I will spend what I have to get a good one. I am told carbon fiber is great because it is light and strong. The one I have is an HJC full face size XL. So please give me your thoughts on a replacement.
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    I have a Nolan N-102 and a Zox Genesis. Both are good modular helmets. Both are noisy in the slipstream. Not a problem for me as I ride behind a windshield, but for you that might be different.

    I was going to buy the Caberg flip-up, but decided against it. I went to web bike world's web site and read all the reviews on the flip-up helmets. Not a one is a good as a full face helmet. Not one! Period. So if weight, protection, and noise are major concerns just buy a full face and be done with it.

    If you can accept the limitations and safety issues (some people have issues with the chin bar in a crash) pick one you like. But you should decide before you purchase just how you want to use it. For example, is a bluetooth headset important? If so, Nolan's offering is the most integrated, but is not stereo if I recall correctly. I put a Camos 600 in my Zox and am happy with that. In my Nolan I use the J&M headset wired to my LT's intercom and I'm happy with that. For the Nolan, I bought the J&M headset built for the helmet. Nice integration there too.

    Having said all that, I really like my flip-ups for convience. I needed to remove a portion of the chin pad for my glasses on the Zox, but it was a minor issue. I prefer an internal sunvisor (Zox) to the external (Nolan), but both work. IN fact the Nolan's sunvisor actually works better on the LT because it doesn't cover the instrument panel. Just blocks the upper rays of the sun.

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    I purchased a flip up ( modular ) helmet last year. I found it to be heavy, and made my neck sore. I gave it away and bought a full face that I like much better. both helmets had ample space for speakers. its just a personal peferance. I need to remove my glasses to put the full face on, but its not really a big deal.

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    If Scorpion helmets fit your head-shape, they can be a decent compromise. They are nice and light, and I find that the chin-bar is cut low enough that I can often still sort of eat and drink through the opening when I make quick-stops, more easily if I give the chin-bar a downward tug first. Also there is a decent amount of room around my ears inside, and Scorpions are nicely priced. It is the best helmet I've ever worn.
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    Scorpion Helmet

    +1 on the Scorpion! I have the 700 and am shocked at the build quality for the money and how well it fits my head. I also have a Shoei & Arai. I find myself wearing the Scorpion most of the time because of the fog free shield.

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    lots and lots of options

    You're going to get a bunch of opinions on this one....

    I really enjoy the Schuberth S-1, got it for $300 on-line, fits great, quiet as all can be.

    Past helemts include - Shoei, Arai, Nolan (Shoei was next best in M.O.)

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    You are going to find many different answers to your question. For example I like my Shoei, but prefer my Scorpion Apollo. Hate my Shuberth flip. Other riders will have different opinions from mine regarding these three helmets.

    Try to find a dealer to let you test ride helmets. Most don't but some will. Offer to leave something like a credit card behind for collateral. Your preference for helmets is a very subjective decision.
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    Not an expert here, but just to share my experiences. Had flip ups since 85 and
    the original Schuberths. ( I wear glasses) It was OK, bit noisey. The golf ball
    Schuberth was better. Then I had a Shoei Duotech that was just awful. Noisey,
    huge and not too well made. Picked up an Airoh at a national and it was quite
    good-actually got to use it when a deer intercepted me. (I don't think they were
    ever legally imported-mine came with a "novelty use only" sticker instead of a DOT
    sticker) Now I've had a Caberg Jutissimo for about a year and love it. Well made
    and designed, comfy, not too noisy and the integrated sun visor is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Full face helmets are better, but ANY DOT helmet probably gives
    80% of the maximum protection. And I have no electronics in my lid. Good Luck!

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    One of the best resources to shop and review helmets online is

    Motorcycle Helmets

    Motorcycle Helmet Noise

    Motorcycle Helmet Weights

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    I bought a HJC Symax II Modular helmet about a month or two ago because I wanted the modular functionality & a built-in sun-shield, etc. I like the helmet overall but just this week I've started having problems with the visor and the fact that it won't stay up once I hit around 60mph or so. I tend to ride with the chin-bar down (of course), the internal sun shield down and the visor itself up. I've never had a helmet with this problem but due to whatever (wind, etc.) it just slams down anywhere over 60mph or so like the mechanism to hold it up is worn down.

    I'm calling HJC tomorrow, will let you know how it turns out. Other than that, I really like the helmet.

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    I went from an Arai to a Scorpion...much cheaper and I like it better.
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    But for fit, not features.

    Whatever you do, don't buy a helmet which doesn't fit your head properly. There is a great deal of difference in what will fit the head of Rider A and that of Rider B. If you want a modular helmet, Shoei Multitecs fit about 80% of those who try them and fit can be customized to a degree with different cheek pads. Unless you have a round-shaped head with a forehead that slopes back somewhat, the Nolan isn't a good bet. The difference is that Shoei sells helmets that have been tailored to an aggregate North American Head while Nolan sells the same helmet here that they sell in Italy. Arai makes three different fits and Scorpion at least two.

    Also, if you look at the overall design, it's pretty obvious the Shoei helmet has spent more time in the wind tunnel than the Nolan and is going to be more quiet.

    Either way, don't buy until you try.

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    Shoei Multitec

    Picked up my new Shoei Multitec on Saturday. Initial test fit indicates it will be very comfortable. After a little test riding this week (and any fine-tuning needed), I'll be wearing it on a 2,000 mile trip this weekend. Will let you know how if works (fits, comfort, noise, features, etc.) next week. But, first impression is that this is a fine helmet.
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    Asking about helmets is like asking about oil. Everyone has their personal likes/dislikes.

    So here is my 2 cents

    1. Make sure it fits right (Arai has different cheek pads and helmet designs) that help in this regard. They also are the most quite, and comfortable IMHO

    2. Stay away from open face or flip up style. They do not give good protection for your face.

    Take your time and pick a helmet like your life depends on it. (it just may)

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