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Thread: Happy Father's Day

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    Happy Father's Day

    Wishing all the dads out there a very happy father's day

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    I'm wishing I didn't live 800 miles from my dad. Sure would love to share some beers and hang-out time with him.
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    Wish my dad was still here to so we could spend the day together.
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    Happy Father's Day indeed to all.
    I invited my Dad over all day yesterday. He supervised while I landscaped and we gave him a great steak dinner.
    He deserves it.
    Today is my turn, but I will probably end up working on stuff here most of the day, like the pool and the landscaping. It's what being a Dad is all about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIBUD View Post
    Wish my dad was still here to so we could spend the day together.
    Ditto on what Bud said. My Dad was a cool guy and could do anything. I learned a lot from him and will always thank him for that! I Love You Dad!

    To all the Dads who are now sharing with their sons and daughters I salute you on your day ..........

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    To my Father, Fathers Day was pretty much like any other day; feed the cows, check the water, fix the hay equipment, drive to town with ma to get some feed and a few parts for the tractor;for the windmill;for the well; everyday was like any other day, cows still need fed.....

    The fact that I interjected a gift and brought somthing good to eat for supper was just a periphial.

    I think of how hard he had to work to make it in life, and how easy I have it in comparison to his life.

    Being a Father is FANTASTIC! I got sweet roles for breakfast ala my son, a GREAT new t-shirt, and even better card, and the best? Best for last; a REAL Hug from this 14 going on 21 year old, and a "I love you dad"

    Then he helped me cut some hay to feed the horses..things havent changed THAT much!

    Happy Fathers Day ya all!

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