View Poll Results: What brand oil do you use?

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  • Amsoil

    2 1.77%
  • Castrol

    19 16.81%
  • Castrol (synthetic)

    6 5.31%
  • Mobil 1

    24 21.24%
  • Royal Purple

    2 1.77%
  • Texaco Havoline

    0 0%
  • Valvoline

    3 2.65%
  • Valvline Synthetic

    1 0.88%
  • Pennzoil

    2 1.77%
  • Other

    8 7.08%
  • BMW

    34 30.09%
  • Golden Spectro

    12 10.62%
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Thread: Oil Brand you use

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    I didn't include elf or Bel-Ray in the poll. Guess that could go under,"other". Not even sure if one can get elf in the states.
    I have heard good things about both lubricants though. Any body know about these?

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    Two quarts of 20W-50 plus 8oz. of BG's MOA in my '79 R100S. I usually change oil every 1000-1500 miles and the oil and filter every 2000-2500 miles. If I stretch out the intervals I usually have to add about a half-a-quart at 1000 miles.

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    Looking back in the service reciepts from the early 90's. various BMW dealers put Castrol 20-50 in my bike 1990PD-owned by someone else at that time. ive used mobil 1, which let me know which gaskets were really leaking! Now with replaced gaskets I use Castol Syntec Blend 20-50. Valvoline makes a synthetic 20-50 which ive tried
    Having said that castrol Dino was always used in it prior. When I replaced the oilpan gasket last summer, there was not a lick of tarnish inside the pad, cam lobes looked great as well!!
    Every 3000 miles, does it really matter??

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    Bmbl bee
    R1100S, 26K mi, Motorex 10W50 Full Synthetic.I get it way cheap so I use the best.

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    BMW 20W-50 oil for me.
    I also use only BMW air in my tires.

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    Mobil Delvac "the million mile oil" has served my (and more importantly my iron horse) very well. It tests very well, and is cheap so you change it often.

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