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    Hello all... There are three of us that are doing the Trans America Trail this summer. We are leaving from Delaware on July 5th to travel to Jellico, TN. Try our best to sleep that night and then get up and hit the trail on July 6th. I am looking for any all advice on this trip / trail. If you have ridden the trail please let us know what to see and to watch out for. You can see our site here: Thank you so much for your time - Dallas

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    Hope to see you on the trail , as I am on it June 27th There are a few RR's on Advrider about it. The main thing is to keep an eye out for the weather.. Specially in AK and OK in regards tornado's.. Enjoy!!

    Small edit here.. There are several South Florida riders leaving around the same time you are, but leaving from Arkansas. Judging by the amount of people going this summer we may need to take a number....
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    My friend Stephen has ridden it some and might be helpful. Here is one of his trips:

    You should be able to contact him from that site too.
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    Here is a link to a ride report of the TN section of the TAT. The guy did it on an Airhead GS. The TAT part starts on page 2 and goes from there - 5 pages of photos and stuff. He had a nice ride, hope you do as well, though heed his warnings about certain slippery water crossings.

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