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Thread: TOR Route Questions

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    TOR Route Questions

    Has anyone tried taking another route out to TOR from the East other than I70? 50 maybe? I'm looking at running about 1300 miles out there and would like to *GASP* cut a few miles if I can. Is gas avaliable on 50 in the middle of the night? It looks a wee bit desolate out there. I70 isn't out of the questions, but it lust seems like it'll be real boring.

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    I've ridden / driven I-70 West of Denver a few times.. The scenery is actually quite nice. It's what you'd expect for the mountains.. It's still slab, but it could be much, much worse!! I'm trying to figure in a stop in Glenwood Springs before or after TOR..


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    I actually think the chunk of 70 west of Denver, particularly just to the east of Glenwood Springs, is some of the most beautiful interstate in the country. East of Denver, I'm just in "get there" mode and the interstate is fine.

    In Kansas, I took some of the roads that run parallel to the interstate when I crossed last summer. The sidewinds were unbelievable when I was there, but the small towns made it at least somewhat interesting.
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    I love the section of I-70 Kbasa is speaking of. BUT:

    I head to CO from OH. I 70 is hot. On my second trip out last year I had to stop in Dayton OH, but I then shot north to I 80 to beat some of the heat. It worked, I rode through the night and ended up just north of Denver at 4AM. Nice rest area there for napping.

    I prefer starting my trip from Walsenburg in the southern part of the state. Nice State park to camp there and if you see a BBQ stand smoking away just before yoiu enter town, stop. He had a restaurant a few years back but now has a stand, good stuff.

    Morning departure has you climbing into the mountains, gets you through Durango mid morning and onto the million dollar highway. This road just keeps improving as you climb. then there is the drop into Ouray, wow. Head north through Ridgeway, then east. At the damn, make the left and take that road along the black river canyon which will straighten out and head to town a short distance from the rally. The routes in from I-70 are much less exciting, McClure pass is OK coming in from Glennwood Springs.

    It is about 1500 miles for me from Cleveland OH to Walsenburg (Via I-70) State Park. I generally just try to slab it and get there, rest, then start enjoying the ride. Takes me 26 to 32 hours generally depending on if I stop for the night.

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    You can cut time, but not sMiles. Got to slab it. It will take as long to cross Iowa two laning as takes to get across Totoland on I-70.

    Gas stations after 10pm on two lane roads get scarce west of the Mississippi.

    Timing and safety. You need to be through Denver by 2pm if you are taking I-70, Colorado Beemers will probably post something about T-Rex (the road construction in Denver) before Paonia. It will take about 14 hours to get to the Rockies. The temperature and wind in Kansas and western Colorado can get real physical. Then its a hard 4 hours to Paonia on I-70. Temperatures will drop, maybe a light rain, stop and eat, then get off at Glenwood Springs for the best part of the ride, "Deer in the Headlights", and your in a hurry to get there before beer tent closes at 11.

    Be careful, JON

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