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Thread: The Ramblings of a Rain Soaked Lunatic

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    The Ramblings of a Rain Soaked Lunatic

    The Ramblings of a Rain Soaked Lunatic

    It rained today, so I rode.
    I opened my visor to feel the wind
    And let in the rain
    So it would hide my tears.

    Sometimes its good to cry,
    To simply follow the wind
    And ride a rain soaked road
    Past grey-lit fields of red and brown and gold.

    The rain felt good against my face
    And washed away the tears;
    It just seemed like the right thing
    And the right moment, so I just let go.

    Sometimes you need to do that,
    To just let go, I mean, and ride the rain and let the tears come.
    I cried for all those souls, Who,
    For whatever reason, had never learned to cry for themselves.
    __________And were thus forever locked inside their sorrow.

    I stopped to count the rain drops on my shield
    And found within each was reflected a face of a child
    Who had never been taught to understand,
    That sometimes crying really is the only way to handle grief,
    _________Or sorrow,
    ________________Or pain.

    I cried, not because I didn’t know the answers,
    But because I realized
    I didn’t even know the questions.
    Perhaps that’s why the heavens were crying? They were crying for me.

    So I stopped looking for answers
    And started searching for the questions;
    Because without first knowing the questions,
    The answers will forever remain hidden.

    I rambled on and rode the rain
    And felt the wind cooled wetness.
    I let go and allowed the road to lead me
    And somehow;
    __________That was enough.

    ? 2008 Jeffry L’H. Tank
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    VG, thank you.

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    That is good stuff right there!!!!!!!
    Can you tell me in what area of the country or state those pics were taken?

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    you are a heavy dude. thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuckeyeClark View Post
    That is good stuff right there!!!!!!!
    Can you tell me in what area of the country or state those pics were taken?

    The first ones (except the very first) are from my daily commute along a nice little road thru clifton VA (just south of the DC area)

    the reeds are from the lake just outside my office near Dullas Airport

    and the river views are along the Potomac River in a community just down from the wildlife preserve off the Potomac river where I live in Woodbridge.

    Forget where the first one was taken, probably the lake at work during the heavier part of the days rain before heading home one day. Not all were taken on the same day, but it was raining when all were taken..


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    Very cool report, Jeff. Thanks.

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    Very poetic & oh soooooo true. My motorcycling is less expensive than a shrink's couch & much more entertaining. A friend and I rode nearly 600 miles round trip to Diamond Lake & Crater Lake, OR. The 300 mile ride home was entirely in the rain. We couldn't see Crater Lake for the heavy fog that covered it. It was 34 degrees & raining at the crest of that crater. Soaked to the core we laughed until our ribs hurt when we stopped to pour the water out of our boots & wring out our socks.

    Living in the Pacific Northwest you either learn to enjoy rides in the rain or your riding season is extremely short. We don't have to deal with heat, humidity, hurricanes, pollution, or bugs. We have no roads that are straight & flat and more mountains, waterfalls, rivers & streams than you could count. I guess the PNW is a keeper. Thanks for the profound post.

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    Exquisite! I grew up near Clifton and although it was a quaint place in the 1970's, time changed that area completely to something less palatable to me. Your post put a beautiful face on the area again--seems like it could be a thousand places across this land.

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    You ahhh don't wear glasses then do you...
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