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Thread: The Ramblings of a Rain Soaked Lunatic

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    The Ramblings of a Rain Soaked Lunatic

    The Ramblings of a Rain Soaked Lunatic

    It rained today, so I rode.
    I opened my visor to feel the wind
    And let in the rain
    So it would hide my tears.

    Sometimes its good to cry,
    To simply follow the wind
    And ride a rain soaked road
    Past grey-lit fields of red and brown and gold.

    The rain felt good against my face
    And washed away the tears;
    It just seemed like the right thing
    And the right moment, so I just let go.

    Sometimes you need to do that,
    To just let go, I mean, and ride the rain and let the tears come.
    I cried for all those souls, Who,
    For whatever reason, had never learned to cry for themselves.
    __________And were thus forever locked inside their sorrow.

    I stopped to count the rain drops on my shield
    And found within each was reflected a face of a child
    Who had never been taught to understand,
    That sometimes crying really is the only way to handle grief,
    _________Or sorrow,
    ________________Or pain.

    I cried, not because I didn’t know the answers,
    But because I realized
    I didn’t even know the questions.
    Perhaps that’s why the heavens were crying? They were crying for me.

    So I stopped looking for answers
    And started searching for the questions;
    Because without first knowing the questions,
    The answers will forever remain hidden.

    I rambled on and rode the rain
    And felt the wind cooled wetness.
    I let go and allowed the road to lead me
    And somehow;
    __________That was enough.

    ? 2008 Jeffry L’H. Tank
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