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Thread: Carb problems gone.

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    Carb problems gone.

    First up I'd like to thank all participants in my first post on the BMW Forum, about my carb problem.

    Suggestions and advice all helped point me in the correct direction to resolving a tiresome trouble.

    So, today I took her for a short trip. (250 miles) She ran prefectly. I was idling a little high but not to bad and while picking up my rear main seal in San Diego, the kind folks at Brattans squezed me in for a final carb sync.

    Prognosis is she runs great, I did a fine job bringing specs close, but my distributer advance is sticking. All this in under 1 hour. Needless to say I'm happy as a clam.

    What a difference a good running bike makes on the road. I was embarassed to drive it before, but now she feels like floating effortlessly, purrrin like a kitty cat. Starts easy in the morning, and now I can hold my head up again. And as always when riding my Bumbe Bee I get lot's-0-looks and a few compliments.
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    That is SO cool.
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    Yup...I always feel a little better after correcting a running problem, so I know how good you feel

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