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Thread: '01 F650GS dies while stopping

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    This is getting frustrating.

    Sitting at the stoplight yesterday, bike is idling fine. Light turns green and the damn thing dies.

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    Below is the correct starting proceedure (cut and pasted from the chain gang). I can't promise this will fix your problem, but I was having similiar stalling issues until I started following this proceedure, then all was fine.

    If this is followed, the computer boots correctly and the S&S is minimal whatever the software or injector versions are. I usually switch on and stand by the bike putting on my gloves, watch the pretty lights. That takes the right sort of time for the comp to boot.

    For the F650GS, the Water Temp Warning Light goes through the following cycle:

    With gearbox in neutral and run switch on, the water temp warning light will come on when the ignition is switched on (and kill switch set to run!).
    Wait for the water temp warning light to go out (it takes 2-3 seconds). The electronics have now gathered information on the engine temperature etc.
    Now press and hold the starter button for a few seconds until the engine is running smoothly, I usually wait for the revs to drop by a notch on the dial as the tick-over is set. DO NOT twist the throttle at all during the process, you'll just confuse the electronics.
    When you turn the key.., the ABS (if you have ABS), neutral (if you are IN Neutral), the oil and water temp lights go on. In the still of a silent garage you will hear a low whirring noise under the seat. That "whirring noise" is most likely your fuel pump coming on, building up pressure and then shutting off when the regulator tells it to. The ABS light goes out and shortly thereafter the temp. light goes out. The grinding noise has stopped and you can start the bike. If you do not start the bike and turn the key off, the little grinding noise goes on again for about 1 full second.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasbutan View Post
    This is getting frustrating.

    Sitting at the stoplight yesterday, bike is idling fine. Light turns green and the damn thing dies.
    Hi Rasbutan,

    Not sure if you still have the bike, or if you fixed this, but on mine it was the Lambda sensor in the exhaust. Once I unplugged that, it never happened again.

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