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Thread: Radio/CD - Remove and sell?

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    Radio/CD - Remove and sell?

    I've found an '07 RT for sale that looks good to me. However, it's equipped with the BMW Radio/CD option which is something I definitely don't care for. I'd rather have the regular glove box.

    I'm sure that in the seller's mind, the radio adds to the bike's value and he probably expects to find a buyer who's happy to have it. So the cleanest way for me to make an offer is to keep my mouth shut about the radio and make plans to either enjoy it or sell it.

    My question is: is it realistic for me to remove the radio and associated gear (switches, speakers, etc.) and then offer it all for sale? Is there a market for used RT radios? If so, then I would have to find some glove box parts and cover and lock, right? How much would that cost? How much value does a radio add to an07 RT?

    I guess I could remove and keep the radio and then reinstall it when/if I ever sell the RT.

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    Looking at adding one to my RT seems to be fairly complicated (removing all of the plastic) but not impossible. Everything loooks to use harnesses so I wouldn't expect any cutting would be involved.

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    When I was purchasing my R1200RT I was looking for a bike with a radio. When I asked dealers if the BMW radio could be dealer installed to a bike without one, without exception, each dealer told me to forget about it. It would be cost prohibitive to add a radio to a bike that didn't have one installed at the factory -- loads of special parts (brackets, speakers, antenna, control switches, wiring harness, etc.).

    If that's true, it would seem it's going to be difficult to do a radio-ectomy that would provide the next person something usable, and leave you a functioning bike.

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