Greetings! It's that time again, I'm in search of a few good people who inhabit this forum, and perhaps convince them to participate in serving up suds for other thirsty campers for one shift in the Saloon. We're looking for as many as possible to do the Friday, 4pm-8pm shift. What say you? Here's an opportunity to have some fun, meet some new friends, and perhaps finally put faces to the names you've only seen on the screen. For those who haven't done this sort of thing before, there will be a couple folks taking money and counting out tickets. There will be some people exchanging tickets for canned beverages. There will be some people exchanging tickets for draught beverages. And there will be some people keeping the beverage supply stocked. For all this you will receive our gratitude, and maybe even some kind of swag, along with all the water you can drink while on shift(sorry, no beer while working, them's da rules).

Those interested please PM me, or post here. I look forward to meeting all of you, and working with those who want to help out.