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Thread: ATGATT Questions

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    Take a look at - they have some very attractive close out sale items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crgrbrts View Post
    I agree with Mike. I believe it's just plain bad manners to take rude advantage of a small business person's time, facilities and resources while on a quest to save a few dollars

    That's not to say I advocate wasting money. Frankly, I can't afford to, so I have bought quite a few items online at advantageous prices. I do, however, do business with my local dealer regularly. My last purchase of riding gear was done at my neighborhood shop, for instance, at prices that were only marginally higher than I could have realized online (about the cost of a decent restaurant meal). I have found that helping to provide an income for the local dealership beyond the VERY occasional purchase of a motorcycle pays off in terms of friendly and efficient service, advantageous pricing at times and just plain good will. It's a nice relationship that I cannot establish by entering credit card numbers on an Internet order form.
    I agree with Mike on this as well. Generally what I will do is at least give the dealer a chance to come down a little...for example, I went into the dealer when the new Symax II helmets came out and got the right size...then went back home to see if the price was "fair". There was a good $75 difference in what I could get it for (after shipping even). I went back to the dealer and they split the difference with me. I didn't get as good as I could've online, but I also supported the local dealer.

    Anyway...just my 2 cents....

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    My local BMW dealer asked me to always contact him to see if he can match an accessories price, and I opt for him when he does or even if he comes close enough.

    By the way, the marketplace is a great source. I posted a Wanted ad there for gear, and was very pleased with the responses.


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    You want hi-viz at a reasonable price(about $150.00) and good quality?
    Try the Tourmaster Transition II in yellow. Here is a photo of me in mine.
    Can you see me now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff488 View Post
    You want hi-viz at a reasonable price(about $150.00) and good quality?
    Try the Tourmaster Transition II in yellow. Here is a photo of me in mine.
    Can you see me now?

    Heck no I can not see YOU because of all the glare off of your jacket.
    Ride Well

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    "Local" dealers

    Dear friends......keep your "local" dealers in closest is now 240 miles, 2d closest: 250 miles........
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