The KMSR Dual Sport is one of my fav-o-right events of the year. I rode down to the D.S. Ride with PapaLobster. Lobster decided to ride to the KMSR and not trailer his KTM EXC450. Eight hours, 70 dirt and 175 road miles on a inch and half wide KTM seat makes my BMW R100GS Lazy Boy seat look like the bike to have, well at least for the highway miles and also from my butt's point of view.

Dual Sport Ride

Ride over 70 miles of scenic secondary roads connecting privately owned properties, each with one to five-mile off-road trail loops.

Ride any motorcycle you want to ride in the woods, as long it is street legal. There will be paved road sections, so headlight, tail light, brake light, license plate and muffler are mandatory. Note: Loud is bad. 96 decibel limit will be enforced.